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Published March 20, 2018

Lockout Tagout is a safety procedure that allows employees to be secured when dealing with dangerous and hazardous machines that may cause an accident in the place of work. Accidents can and do happen to employees. Serious accidents may cause permanent disability, and at least prolonged hospitalization. Even minor injuries may put employees out of work temporarily. In such cases, the management is responsible for compensating the aggrieved worker.


Safety in the workplace is extremely vital; this is because accidents may occur in various ways. Papers may catch fire due to electrical short-circuiting, or from burning matches and cigarettes ends. Employees may slip or trip on slippery floors. Sharp edges of equipment or furniture, broken glasses, and other equipment may also cause accidents.

Health and safety training is vital whether one is employed or self-employed. The prevention of accidents and health issues caused in a workplace is a priority for anyone who is working there. Many workplaces and even homes now have fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and smoke detectors installed, they are simple to operate and effective in use.

To be safe such things like sharp objects should be kept carefully and things such as plugs and sockets should be well screwed to avoid accidents. LOTO stands for lock and tag; this is a safety program which is commonly used in industries and research centres to ensure that harmful machines are correctly put off and not switched on again in case the machines have not yet been serviced or are still being maintained.

Lockout Tagout programs work by putting a lock on machines that will enable them to be locked. A scissor lockout clamp is an example of a lock that is used for this kind of purpose; it usually has several lock holes to accommodate some padlocks. The purpose of this idea is to keep the machine locked so as to prevent anyone from using it or turning it on accidentally. This idea is good as people will need to activate the machines on their own to be able to use them, thus reducing accidents.

Training in the Lockout Tagout programs must be given to some employees, at three different levels according to the nature of their work:

The highest level of training is given to those employees authorized to carry out machinery shutdown and repairs.

These persons must be trained to recognize hazardous energy sources, identify devices for control, and apply these devices.

Employees affected by machinery shutdown and repairs must receive training about the Lockout Tagout procedure, including its purpose and how it is carried out

All other employees must receive instruction about the general nature of the procedure.

Lockout Tagout program is necessary to train in as it must be used to control harmful energy whenever anyone is repairing or maintaining machines where the unexpected or unlikely operation of the machinery could cause damage. After one has finished training, they will be awarded a certificate that shows the completion of the course that they undertook. To make things easier for larger companies, large-group training sessions in Lockout Tagout are available.

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