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Published March 20, 2018

Working in the food manufacturing industry may be exciting but it certainly exposes workers to a high risk of injuries and falls. The procedures involved in sectors like meat packaging are fast paced and may lead to complications like slip trips and musculoskeletal disorders.


An increasing number of players in the industry are opting for stabilized lockout/tagout programs from reliable service providers and having their queries clarified through the lockout tagout PowerPoint.

Read on to find more compelling reasons for the food manufacturing industry to invest in a good lockout tagout program.

The numbers push the need for lockout tagout programs in the industry

When it comes to the private sector, the food manufacturing industry has recorded one of the highest rates of injuries and fatalities in the previous years (in 2012, the overall private sector suffered a injury and illness rate of 3.4 per 100 workers while the food industry indicated 5.4 per 100 workers). Every year, more than a billion dollar is used in the industry for work-related injuries and disorders thus pushing the need for a reliable lockout tagout program.

Violation of the lockout tagout program has been the major reason behind the trend

The OSHA has reported that ignoring the lockout tagout program has been the major cause of all machine related injuries within the industry. In some cases, the injuries have been serious enough to end in death or amputation.

Pace is essential for profit in the food manufacturing industry

The pace of operations and the good working condition of the equipment to support the speedy procedures is essential to fight competition in the industry. Application of lockout tagout procedures in such an environment helps ensure the lockout of potential source of hazardous energy and safeguards workers invariably. The program helps the organization to stay away from life loss as well as the financial loss that may arise from violation fines and worker compensations.

Lockout tagout programs equip workers with confidence and knowledge

Customized site specific energy control program with authorized training of the responsible individuals makes the workforce more confident and comfortable. The workers will be offered relevant material to support the training and they can always go back to the lockout tagout PowerPoint to have their doubts clarified.

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