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Create Lockout Tagout Procedures

The iLockItOut ® energy control procedure development and management solution provides all the tools required to develop and manage your OSHA compliant energy control program. Our solution provides easy to use, customizable templates and standardized procedures to expedite the creation of your equipment or process specific energy control procedures.

Predetermined drop down menus, graphical photo editing, and sharing and printing makes developing procedures quick and efficient. Save time and use less resources to develop your own procedures with our guided step-by-step solution. Once your procedures are complete, you will be able to share them with maintenance, service or authorized LOTO workers. They can now perform lockout tagout directly from their WIFI-enabled PCs, MACs, iPads and smartphones using the approved procedures you have created. Our automated background sync on our remote servers ensures you will always have a backup of your procedures.

Create your own custom lockout tagout procedures with iLockItOut ® Web and iPad Based Software

Manage Your Program

A complete Lockout Tagout energy control program management for your organization.
  Start immediately with easy-to-use templates and built-in default procedure statements.
 Includes standard graphic energy control icons.
 Insert multiple images to create clear, machine or process specific procedures that identify the location of energy control points.
  Our program allows you to Print, Share, Duplicate, Archive, and Export procedures with an “Open In” option.
Provide viewing and data entry access to users in multiple department and locations.
Develop and edit graphical energy control procedures quickly and easily.
Edit any terminology, statements and policies on standard templates.
Add custom energy points, devices and sources for your organization.
NEW! The new calendar feature allows you to schedule your lockouts ahead of time.

Customize Your Procedures

Manage, develop, maintain, train, and update, all with one program.

Instantly share and use the procedures via workers’ iPads to enter actual lockout tagout activities.
Share your exports through Dropbox.
Auto sync procedures and updates to remote iPads, PCs, and MACs.
Instantly view in admin mode what equipment or processes are locked out in “Real Time” with dashboard format.
Historical activity charts.
Click on procedures in use to access activity detail.
Use iLockltOut ® built-in sample energy control policy to develop your own comprehensive energy control program.
Create machine-specific lockout procedures for different locations or departments.
Train your employees with our built-in training PDF.
Access current OSHA lockout/tagout standards, tips and guidance with a few clicks.
Unlimited support.
Multiple users and admins.