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iLockitOut Enterprise Edition - New for 2021




Lockout-Tagout Procedures Managment

The iLockItOut Enterprise Edition ® energy control procedure development and management solution provides all the tools required to develop and manage your OSHA compliant energy control program. Our web based and mobile solution provides easy to follow step by step graphical energy control procedures, mobile step by step worker lockouts and centralized web based management of you entire energy control and equipment maintenance program

iLockitOut ® Enterprise Edition New for 2021 

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 lockout tagout procedures our applications will streamline the process of developing and managing your energy control procedures. We guarantee you will find our application easy to use and easy to understand. We offer full support at no charge for 90 Days after purchase. We will make sure you are up and running on day one.

Create your own custom lockout tagout procedures with iLockItOut ® Web and iPad Based Software

Manage Your Program

A complete Lockout Tagout energy control program management for your organization.

  Start immediately with easy-to-use templates and built-in default procedure statements.

 Includes standard graphic energy control icons.

 Insert multiple images to create clear, machine or process specific procedures that identify the location of energy control points.

  Our program allows you to Print, Share, Duplicate, Archive, and Export procedures with an “Open In” option.

Provide mobile viewing and data entry access to users in multiple department and locations.

Develop and edit graphical energy control procedures quickly and easily.

Edit any terminology, statements and policies on standard templates.

Add custom energy points, devices and sources for your organization.

iLockitOut Enterprise

Manage, develop, maintain, train, and update, all with one program.

  • Graphical Step by Step Procedure development
  • Predetermined drop down menus
  • Real time lockout status dashboard
  • Manage multiple locations from a single application
  • Mobile and Tablet lockouts
  • Bulk equipment importing
  • Offsite secure storage and backup service
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • QR Code field access to procedures
  • Built in annual auditing
  • Lockout Tagout historical reporting
  • Separate logins for admin and workers
  • Service notes
  • Insert instructional videos
  • Upload one line drawing
  • Document storage
  • UV QR code label option for wet or direct sun environments