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Published March 20, 2018

It is extremely important to employ OSHA-compliant lockout tagout program in every manufacturing and industrial facility. However, it is also difficult to implement these procedures faultlessly. Its effectiveness is imperative to ensure complete safety of your maintenance workers and all other employees directly or indirectly affected by complex machines and equipment. This most cited OSHA standard must be followed rigorously by every employer.


However, despite all these, accidents still take place leading to heavy penalties and loss of reputation. Here are given 3 easy steps that you must follow to ensure the effectiveness of this program in your premises.

1. Understand The Standards And Undertake The Training:

Unless you know the guidelines specified in these standards, it is completely irrational to ensure their successful implementation. Hence, you must read these standards carefully to understand them completely. There are many resources available for interpretation and training of lockout tagout program. You must prefer interactive case studies and tutorials offering a comprehensive guide to these procedures. At the same time, it is equally important to provide a proper training to your authorized, affected, and all other employees working close to the hazardous energy sources.

2. Always Stay Updated:

It is significant to study these standards and know about the implications of their violations in detail. This helps you to understand the latest developments made in this field. Also, it helps to avoid certain flaws that may have proven fatal for some manufacturers. With recognition of probable susceptibilities, it becomes easier to evade them in your procedures. You can study the recent or past case studies discussing the results of violating OSHA guidelines. Always remember that if you fail to use these procedures effectively, they may result into serious injuries and penalties.

3. Proper Implementation of Lockout Tagout Procedures:

After undergoing an extensive research and training, it is necessary to implement these procedures carefully in your facility. Hence, you must make a proper strategy, execute it, and analyze it periodically. Choose your lockout tags precisely and also pay equal attention to complete the written procedures. In this regard, take help from a third-party service provider having profound experience and resources to offer you customized services of locking and tagging.

With these steps, it will become easier to employ lockout tagout program successfully in any facility having complex machinery and equipment. Hence, you must follow these steps obstinately to ensure complete safety of your workers and effectiveness of your procedures as per OSHA standards.

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