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Published March 20, 2018

Lockout Tagout is a program implemented to promote industrial safety, as a way to ensure the safety of employees around dangerous electrical and mechanical equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Health and Safety at Work, are designed to promote the welfare of employees and lay out guidelines on lockout tagout.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration was first introduced with legislation in the year 1974. The agency was formed to address the problems with accidents, injuries, and death that happened on many job sites. They have introduced some programs to ensure workplace safety in a variety of situations. The repair of electrical equipment is often a dangerous field, and Lockout Tagout is a way that minimizes the injuries that happen during these jobs.


Lockout tagout programs were designed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration to address the issue of employee injuries while repairing electric equipment. Before repairing any electric tools or equipment, the product must be locked and tagged. This is meant to prevent people from being subject to electric shocks while machinery is being repaired.

The first thing that requires being done when repairing electrical equipment is to lock out the incoming electric supply. Repairmen can use a variety of ways to ensure there is no electric supply entering the machine that’s being repaired. This prevents electric shocks which can often result in death. The machinery can easily have its electric supply locked out, and this ensures the safe environment in which to conduct repairs.

The equipment too needs to be tagged out, and this is done to notify others of the repair that’s occurring on the equipment. Many people have been seriously injured when they try to use equipment that’s being fixed. For this reason, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has instituted lockout tagout programs to ensure that employees can easily see the tags that are in place around electrical equipment that’s being repaired.

The machinery is also locked out to prevent access to the on and off switches. There are a variety of locks that are available to prevent access to the equipment. Many businesses use the one employee one key policy when they prevent access to equipment that’s being repaired. This prevents people from attempting to access equipment that is not safe.

Many benefits are found when lockout tagout programs are used in an industrial setting. First, the equipment is tagged so that everyone can know the machinery is inoperable and unsafe. Second, the electrical supply is cut off, and there is no chance of someone attempting to use a machine that’s unsafe. This program has prevented numerous injuries, and most in the industry agree that it’s the best way to provide for employee safety.

Lockout Tagout is a simple way to ensure the safety of workers around electrical equipment. It relies on repaired equipment to have a visible tag that alerts people to the dangers of the machinery. It also locks out the electrical supply, and many injuries are prevented when this is done.

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