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Why are Lock Out and Tag Out Equipments Essential

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Safety is the biggest concern for people whether they are working in an industry or performing household chores. The usage of electronic and technological products has already doubled and is increasing day by day. Sometimes, these machines or products get damaged and we need to repair them either by our self or by calling a professional. In this situation, lock out and tag out equipment is vitally imperative to keep people aware about the facts…

Easy Safety Steps to Lockout Procedures

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Lockout tagout is a safety precaution that is necessary for all industries that deal with heavy machinery that pose great danger to human life. It is a requirement during maintenance that machines be fitted with these safety padlocks until all work is complete. They deny access to the machinery operation and starting area. This safety procedure is necessary because someone might unexpectedly start a machine when the other is at a dangerous position of the…

Lock-Out Tag-Out Training Programs

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It is estimated that over 100 lives are lost every year because machines were not properly locked out. Lock-Out/Tag-Out is the process by which a machine’s energy source is isolated when it is being repaired, serviced, or set-up. This process keeps employees from inadvertently starting a machine that is not ready to be operated. Machines in the process of repair, set-up, updates or servicing are extremely dangerous if they are powered up. The threat of…

Lockout Tagout Programs

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Lockout Tagout is a program implemented to promote industrial safety, as a way to ensure the safety of employees around dangerous electrical and mechanical equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Health and Safety at Work, are designed to promote the welfare of employees and lay out guidelines on lockout tagout. Occupational Safety and Health Administration was first introduced with legislation in the year 1974. The agency was formed to address the problems with…