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Why You Need iLockItOut

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iLockItOut ® by SafetyNet ® is your one stop solution for your OSHA-compliant energy control Lockout Tagout program. We provide onsite professional services along with web based and mobile solutions to assess, develop and manage your entire Lockout Tagout program and train your staff. iLockItOut ® and the SafetyNet Teamcan minimize the burden of creating OSHA required procedures, eliminate the risk of injury by training your staff on compliant ZERO energy lockout tagout procedures and give you the peace…

Training In The Lockout Tagout Programs

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Lockout Tagout is a safety procedure that allows employees to be secured when dealing with dangerous and hazardous machines that may cause an accident in the place of work. Accidents can and do happen to employees. Serious accidents may cause permanent disability, and at least prolonged hospitalization. Even minor injuries may put employees out of work temporarily. In such cases, the management is responsible for compensating the aggrieved worker. Safety in the workplace is extremely…

Make Your Lockout Tagout Program Effective With 3 Easy Steps

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It is extremely important to employ OSHA-compliant lockout tagout program in every manufacturing and industrial facility. However, it is also difficult to implement these procedures faultlessly. Its effectiveness is imperative to ensure complete safety of your maintenance workers and all other employees directly or indirectly affected by complex machines and equipment. This most cited OSHA standard must be followed rigorously by every employer. However, despite all these, accidents still take place leading to heavy penalties…

Four Reasons Why the Food Manufacturing Industry Needs A Robust Lockout/Tagout Program

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Working in the food manufacturing industry may be exciting but it certainly exposes workers to a high risk of injuries and falls. The procedures involved in sectors like meat packaging are fast paced and may lead to complications like slip trips and musculoskeletal disorders. An increasing number of players in the industry are opting for stabilized lockout/tagout programs from reliable service providers and having their queries clarified through the lockout tagout PowerPoint. Read on to…

Lockout Tagout Regulations Save Lives

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All machines employ the use of one or more types of energy to function. The five most common forms are electrical, chemical, hydraulic, thermal and pneumatic. These energies exist in one of two conditions, active or stored (kinetic or potential). Both active and stored energy pose hazards in the workplace and need to be understood and respected. Working on energy can be the dangerous business and each year many injuries and fatalities are attributed to…